Hướng dẫn Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về Stress ngắn gọn, hay nhất. Tuyển chọn tập các bài viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về ức chế đặc sắc.

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I think teenagers are as stressed as adults because of many reasons related mainly khổng lồ school, friends & family.

In fact, doing well at school involves a lot of pressure, because they have to complete school work, projects & reports and study hard for exams. Then, there is also the găng tay of having a social life và being accepted by their peers in popular groups in addition lớn the physical găng tay which result from some emotional & physical changes which can leave adolescent confused và stressed.

finally, we can mention also the ức chế that comes from family problems và sibling rivalry.

To sum up, we can say that a lot of reasons can led teenagers khổng lồ stress, which can provoke violent reactions, depression and health problems.

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Feeling stressed is a normal part of life. People can be stressed for many different reasons. The ones who go lớn school frequently feel stressed out due to homework, exams và tough schedules. Relationships can be stressful too. It is inevitable that conflicts, misunderstanding can occur. The effects of áp lực include: mental breakdown, changes in appetite, rapid heartbeat, feeling lonely,… Thankfully, there are many methods that can help us cope with stress. One of the best solutions is lớn talk to a close friend or relative about our problems. Most importantly, people should have a reasonable schedule & a healthy lifestyle in order for ức chế to go away easier. 

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Lots of people cannot stand stress. Here are some helpful tips khổng lồ relieve stress. 

If you are in the middle of work & you need some instant stress-relief, try putting on soothing music. Another good way khổng lồ cope with pressure is talking it out. Good friends will listen and probably reassure you. & try eating good food or getting something lớn drink, especially tea.

Are you constantly stressed? Science has shown that exercising can make people feel mentally better. It is also highly recommended that we should get enough sleep. Lastly, reconsider your schedule.

Being stressed can be pretty bad, but remember that you are not alone & there are many ways to giảm giá with it.

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Statistics show that more và more of us are suffering from stress and that much of this is caused by our jobs. It appears that many of us are working too hard và this is taking a toll on our health.

There is, experts tell us, simply too much pressure put on many employees these days. In many jobs, in sales or production departments, for example, unrealistic targets are phối for the workforce. People are, in fact, trying to do the impossible & making themselves ill by doing so.

In many countries, more and more people are working longer hours. Some workers have to vày this lớn cope with their workload, while others think that staying late will impress the boss so much that he will promote them. This extended presence in the workplace is known as presenteeism.

Such overwork often results in extreme fatigue, or even total exhaustion, with many people also suffering from insomnia. When the workers get home, instead of resting or enjoying a leisure pursuit, they simply cannot switch off. Their minds are still full of work worries.

Most people used lớn be able khổng lồ leave behind the tension and anxiety of the workplace when they went on holiday. Unfortunately, modern communication systems, such as điện thoại phones & email, have made this a thing of the past. We find it almost impossible to lớn leave our work behind.

Neither the toàn thân nor the mind can go on doing too much indefinitely. Workers reach a point beyond which they cannot cope, và have to lớn take time off. Some may experience burn-out and some may become mentally ill. Meanwhile, a study by some American universities has shown that găng tay can weaken the immune system.

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The fact that bao tay at work leads to lớn illness is supported by findings by the British Health và Safety Executive. These indicate that 60 percent of absence from work is a result of stress. It is time for us all to lớn take stress seriously and to reconsider the ethos of modern working conditions. Working hard is important but everyone must realize that even productivity is less important than our health.