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Location: 135 phái nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

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Characteristic: This is the place marking the complete victory of anti-American resistance war, libration of the South and national reunification.

◊ History of Foundation

Originally called Norodom Palace và Palace of Indochina Governor General, the Independence Palace was built in 1868 và inaugurated in 1871.

After 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem, South Viet Nam’s Presdent, and his family lived và worked in the Norodom Palace. He decided to lớn renamed it the Independence Palace. In 1962, this palace was heavily destroyed by bombs. President Diem commanded the remains lớn be destroyed and to rebuild the palace It was designed by Western-trained architect Ngo Viet Thu. The construction was undertaken by sai Gon engineers và was completed in 1966.

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◊ Architecture

The new palace was built on an area of 120,000m² with a surface area of 4,500m². It included a basement, 3 main floors, 2 mezzanines, one terrace, and one upper floor. There are a total of 95 rooms in the palace, each decorated according to its function. The palace also features two exhibition rooms, a 33-room guest house, and numerous entertainment services such as tennis courts và octagonal house.

On 30 April 1975, the tanks of the liberation army entered The Independence Palace, & the không nên Gon government, including 45 members and President Duong Van Minh, surrendered without condition.

After the liberation, The Independence Palace became headquarters of the city's military administration committee. The political consultation for national unification was held in this palace. Nowadays, The Independence Palace has become a historic, cultural relic attracting domestic as well as international visitors.

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The Independence Palace has been recognized as Special National Relic since 2009.