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Density of Ammonia solutiono BeMin 22,0

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Product use

In the agricultural industry: used as a fertilizer to provide nitrogen for plants, increasing crop yields

In the treatment of exhaust gas environment: in order lớn remove substances such as NOx, SOx in the exhaust gases of fossil fuels such as coal, stone…

In the rubber industry: used to prevent latex freezing

In paint manufacturing: As an inhibitor of water-dispersible coatings, it can be used as an emulsion system stabilizer in preventing paint film formation early in storage, transport, use

Other industries: used as detergent, as a nitrogen source for microorganisms & pH regulator during fermentation, as raw materials for the production of hair dyes

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Dong Nai Chemical Factory, Road No. 1, Bien Hoa I Industrial Park, Dong Nai ProvincePhone number: 0251 3836 197


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South Basic Chemicals Joint Stock Company is the leading manufacturer of basic inorganic chemicals in Vietnam, under the Vietnam Chemical Group.

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