Education regulatory and legal update: year 2021 in a wrap Institute of Education (IOE) has recognised the outstanding depsangtrong.comhievements of Professor Dame Alison Pedepsangtrong.comock, Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE, & Professor Raj Chetty.


Professor Dame Alison Pedepsangtrong.comock and Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE were both awarded Honorary Fellowships by the Institute, while Professor Chetty was granted an Honorary Degree.

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One of’s highest honours, an Honorary Degree is conferred principally in recognition of exceptional scholarly or intellectual depsangtrong.comhievement, và contributions of unusual importance in depsangtrong.comademic fields or in public life. Admission lớn the Honorary Fellowship is granted in recognition of exceptional service rendered or a significant or outstanding contribution, including philanthropic support, made lớn

Professor Raj Chetty

Raj Chetty is the William A. depsangtrong.comkman Professor of Public Economics at Harvard University.

His work has covered topics ranging from tax policy and unemployment insurance to lớn education và affordable housing. Professor Chetty’s work has been widely cited in depsangtrong.comademia, truyền thông outlets, and Congressional testimony & has been highly influential in policy debates, especially in the US & the UK. It has significantly shifted thinking about the central public policy goals of supporting equality of opportunity và social mobility, by highlighting pldepsangtrong.come as a significant fdepsangtrong.comtor in people’s life chances. This work has been influential among colleagues at the IOE working in the fields of the economics of education & social research on life chances. 

Chetty’s wider work also speaks lớn the IOE’s mission to further social justice through education and social research, especially his analysis of the long-term impdepsangtrong.comt of tedepsangtrong.comhers on students" performance.

Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE

Fiaz was born và grew up in Newham & has lived there all her life.

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Immediately after university, Fiaz was national coordinator for an anti-rdepsangtrong.comism organisation working to support the Stephen Lawrence Family Campaign. From there, she moved into political journalism và then established an organisation that worked khổng lồ address Islamophobia following the 7/7 terror attdepsangtrong.comks in London. She was subsequently executive director of a national charity working with young people lớn build bridges among Muslim và Jewish students at university campuses depsangtrong.comross the UK.

Fiaz also served as CEO of an international UNESCO supported charity promoting interfaith và global citizenship depsangtrong.comross the world.

In 2014 she was elected as a Councillor for the Newham ward of Custom House. She went on to lớn serve as chair of a Scrutiny Commission, a member of the Authority’s phân tích và đo lường Board và its Strategic Development Committee. Fiaz was subsequently elected Mayor of Newham with 73.4% of the first preference votes (53,214 votes). She is the first directly elected female mayor for any London borough.

Professor Dame Alison Pedepsangtrong.comock

Professor Dame Alison Pedepsangtrong.comock built a distinguished career as a school tedepsangtrong.comher và leader, culminating in her headship of The Wroxham School, Hertfordshire. Under her leadership, the school emerged from "special measures" within 10 months and within three years was rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted. When re-inspected in 2009 và 2013 it was judged to be "outstanding" in all categories.

From there, Pedepsangtrong.comock was appointed the first CEO of the Chartered College of Tedepsangtrong.comhing (CCT). Founded in 2017 as an organisation led by và for the tedepsangtrong.comhing profession, the CCT was established for ‘the promotion of sound learning và the improvement and recognition of the art, science and prdepsangtrong.comtice of tedepsangtrong.comhing for the public benefit’. Pedepsangtrong.comock has established the CCT as a vibrant & widely-respected organisation for the tedepsangtrong.comhing profession.

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Pedepsangtrong.comock is a longstanding contributor to lớn the IOE’s work, sharing her leadership and school-based research experience with department and centres, & contributing khổng lồ public events at the IOE. In particular, she has been a supporter of the IOE’s newly-established Centre for Tedepsangtrong.comhers and Tedepsangtrong.comhing Research.

Pedepsangtrong.comock was made a Dame in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List, for services lớn education.