There are so many reasons why reading is the best hobby. I have to admit that I am writing this from a biased perspective. I absolutely love reading. I have a passionate love affair with books and nothing makes me happier than khổng lồ have a stack of books on my nightstand to lớn attack on a night when there is no alarm clock waiting the next morning. Let me cốt truyện with you the reasons why reading is the best hobby you can have.

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1 It Expands Your Horizons

One of the reasons why reading is the best hobby is because it expands your horizons. It gives you something new và different to lớn enjoy. Và there are so many diverse subjects that you can read about that you are learning something every time that you read. You can learn practically anything from reading a good book on the subject. Even if you choose to lớn read fiction, you may learn something that is helpful in your life.


2 It Stretches Your Mind

Reading causes your mind khổng lồ work differently than when you are watching television. It is a way lớn stretch your mind to grasp new concepts. It also makes your mind work lớn interpret images. It is healthy for your brain and keeps your brain functioning actively. This can help keep your mentality sharp as you age.


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3 It Grows Your Vocabulary

Another one of the advantages about this hobby is that it increases your vocabulary. You can learn so many new words from reading. I think that this is a tremendous advantage. Having a good handle on vocabulary helps you lớn speak properly & to sound educated. If you don’t know a word you run onto when you are reading, look it up.


4 You Can Time Travel

One of my favorite time periods khổng lồ read about is World War II. I would not know nearly as much as I do about this period in history if there weren’t so many books that I could read khổng lồ learn about it. You can travel khổng lồ nearly any period in time that you wish lớn simply by picking up a book. You can read non-fiction và get the straight, no-nonsense facts or indulge in some juicy fiction from that time period. Reading can take you to any time period that you want khổng lồ go to.

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5 It Indulges Your Imagination

Reading indulges your imagination. When you turn on a television, there is no need lớn imagine anything because it is already placed before you in a visual setting. Reading is not lượt thích that. When you read, you have khổng lồ come up with your own visual images to lớn go along with the book. Sometimes when I am beginning a book, I will stop & take a few minutes to lớn just sit & think about how I want the characters lớn appear to lớn me. It is quite enjoyable to vày so.


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6 It is a Peaceful Hobby

Reading is such a peaceful hobby. You can bởi it in complete silence và just enjoy the serenity of hearing nothing but your inner thoughts as you make your way through a book. It inspires a peaceful feeling. Many are the times that I sighed a deep, contented sigh as I read the last page of a good book. I don’t know anything else that offers such enjoyment.


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7 The World is at Your Feet

When you read, the world is at your feet. Just lượt thích you can travel lớn different periods of time when you read, you can vị the same with places. You can read about places that you may never have the opportunity khổng lồ visit. That may be the only way that you would have ever known about different places in the world. It can be very enlightening khổng lồ travel through reading.

Reading is such a passionate love of mine. What about you? What are your favorite types of books lớn read?


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