One of the best ways lớn make sure that your trip lớn Vietnam is an unforgettable one is to plan it around the time of the festivals celebrated in the country. Inspired by the Chinese Lunar calendar, most of the cultural events & festivals in Vietnam are celebrated during specific times of the year. These festivals will not only let you witness and absorb the culture of the country but also give you a soul-touching experience. So, the next time you visit Vietnam keep these festivals in mind to turn your holiday into extraordinary!

14 Festivals In Vietnam That One Must Experience

While the majority of the biggest Vietnam festivals in 2022 take place at the beginning of the year, it happens khổng lồ be the perfect time to lớn witness the country in all its might. Take a look at some of the best Vietnam holidays và festivals that you must not miss during your next trip khổng lồ this enchanting city.

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Tet Nguyen Dan Lim Festival Perfume Pagoda Festival Phu Giay Festival Tet Han Thuc Hung King Temple Festival Hue Festival Buddha’s Birthday Reunification Day Vietnam Independence Day Mid Autumn Festival Halloween Hoi An Lantern Festival Wandering Souls Day

1. Tet Nguyen Dan


Halloween falls on the last day of October và the people of Vietnam have started celebrating this festival in recent times. Halloween is one of the festivals that are popular all around the world. Whether it’s India or Vietnam, the younger generation celebrated all kinds of festivals which sound fun và have a great concept. The most famous spot to witness the celebrations is Hang Ma Street. From Pumpkin lanterns khổng lồ decorations and from masks to lớn Witch hats, you will find everything in the markets. You can head khổng lồ any bar or club and you can have a great time while you are all decked up in your Halloween costume.

Held On: 31st October 2022

13. Hoi An Lantern Festival

If you want khổng lồ witness a spectacular display, you should not miss the Hoi An Lantern Festival. It is a lantern festival in Vietnam 2022 that takes place every month, transforming the quaint UNESCO World Heritage Site into an awe-inspiring display of paper lanterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Every restaurant, bar, shop, và business in the Ancient Town stops using electricity and lights up their venues with hundreds of lanterns as well as candles. While this festival takes place in Hoi An, the Ancient Town area is the best place to celebrate. This too is considered lớn be a famous festival in Vietnam và also known as the light festival in Vietnam.

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Held On: 10th October 2022

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14. Wandering Souls Day

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It is believed to be one of the best full moon festivals in Vietnamese culture that the ancestors are able khổng lồ visit their families on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar Month. On this day families flock to Buddhist temples offering respect to lớn their loved ones và have cakes, treats, food, etc. This is a very extraordinary tradition that is a part of Vietnam festivals & celebrations.

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Held on: 25th August 2022

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These fascinating festivals in Vietnam are a fantastic way khổng lồ experience the country’s culture. Plan a trip khổng lồ Vietnam now and immerse yourself in the rich culture and vibrant traditions of one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Vietnam

What is the Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

The Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam is a harvest festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. The celebration involves offering sacrifices to lớn the ‘god of Earth’.

Is Tet a religious holiday?

Tet is the Vietnamese New Year và is a national holiday. ‘Tet’ is a short khung for ‘Tet Nguyen Dan’ & means ‘festival’.

What religion is the most prevalent in Vietnamese?

The majority of the population follows folk religions in Vietnam but Buddhism and Catholicism are the other prevalent religions in the country.

What is the Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

It is a festival where parents buy their children various types of lanterns, snacks & funny masks.

What are the traditional celebrations in Vietnam?

There are two main traditional festivals celebrated in Vietnam by the locals are Tet & Mid-Autumn Festival. Tet is also known as the Vietnamese New Year và it is considered as the celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas and one’s birthday on one day. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most eminent festivals in Vietnam và is celebrated throughout the country by all the locals to lớn celebrate harvest time.

Do they celebrate Easter in Vietnam?

Easter is an important festival for the Christians residing in Vietnam but it is not celebrated throughout the country. The Christian population celebrates Easter in Vietnam by visiting Churches and organizing special family dinner.

How long is the Tet holiday in Vietnam?

The Tet holiday in Vietnam is celebrated for a week or two in Vietnam & it is celebrated in late January or early February.

How is Christmas celebrated in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, Christmas Eve is more important than the main day of Christmas. There is no public holiday on Christmas & the Christians residing in Vietnam celebrate it by attending the evening or morning mass held in the church.

Is there a Vietnamese New Year?

The Vietnamese New Year falls on the first day of spring & is also called Tet. The Vietnamese New Year is celebrated all over Vietnam as it is the beginning of everything new và it is also a public holiday.