My Favorite Restaurant


IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

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Describe your favourite restaurant.

You should say: where it iswhat it looks like from inside and outsidewhat kinds of food they serveand explain why it is your favourite restaurant.
Follow-up Questions:Which one is better: home-made food or food from a restaurant?What traditional food vày you have in your country?What types of food tourists in your đô thị prefer?
Model Answer 1:Moving khổng lồ New Delhi from a small town because of the job, of course, has its disadvantages. But, it has some benefits as well, & one such benefit is that you have many, literally countless number of great restaurants khổng lồ try your favourite food. Today, I would lượt thích to talk about one such restaurant which has been my favourite since the day I moved lớn the capital of my country.The name of the restaurant is “Bukhara” which is located in the diplomatic enclave of New Delhi. This high-end fine dining restaurant has an extravagant ambience and stylish aura which reflects the modernity và glamorous style of “Indian Royalty”. The interior wall of this famous, all-Indian restaurant is made of expensive tiles with perfect lighting scheme to lớn illuminate them. The tables are not placed too close khổng lồ each other either in order khổng lồ ensure the privacy of the customers. The plates and cutleries look exceptionally good và elegant which perfectly blends in with the royal interior of the restaurant. And, as for the foods, the celebrated restaurant serves authentic Mughlai foods such as Murgh Tandoori, Tandoori Guchchi, sumptuous Mutton Biryani, Chaamp Taajdar (mutton chops braised và grilled), authentic Butter Chicken và Daal along with Malai tikka và Raarhya Meat which are served with crisp Rotis & Ulta Tawa parathas. It also serves "Sarson domain authority saag" & "Makki di roti”. Finally, Dal Bukhara, served with the Tandoori Naan, Kastoori kebab, Reshmi kebab would also satisfy your taste-buds anytime.It is my favourite restaurant mainly because they always serve fresh food with the best ingredients available in the market. Besides, whenever I come lớn this restaurant, the staffs always treat me like a “royal” with a very friendly attitude. I love this restaurant also because it always serves the foods at the right time, after ordering for them, without keeping me waiting and hungry. Finally, this is my favourite restaurant also because it perfectly blends the taste of different kinds of Indian cuisines from different parts of India.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to lớn talk about my favourite restaurant. The name of my favourite restaurant is Diner's Paradise & it is located in the downtown of the đô thị I live in. I lượt thích it because it offers a nice environment và delicious food. Moreover, I have many pleasant memories related lớn this establishment. My parents celebrated some of my birthday parties there, our college friends arranged get-together parties twice, and in one occasion, one of my cousins’ marriage ceremony was celebrated at that very place; and all these events make it special to lớn me.The restaurant has three floors & the sitting arrangement is extraordinary which does not compromise privacy, unlike many other restaurants. Paintings of famous artists hang on the wall và the place is clean. The interior decoration is simply gorgeous. Besides, the ground floor can park more than 50 cars. It also has a large playground for children. Finally, the front view of the restaurant is chất lượng as it gives the aura of a green và lavish garden.The restaurant offers several dishes including continental menus, Italian, Thai, Indian, Pakistani and local menus along with the delightful exotic desserts. Not khổng lồ mention, the prices are reasonable and the food is served reasonably quickly, contrary to some other eateries where you have lớn wait for a long for your food lớn be served. Besides, the attendants and other staff members are friendly & they treat the guests cordially. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes to lớn pick from và no additional service charge is imposed on the final bill. The soft background music và instrumentals make the environment more enjoyable and soothing. As I have said, tables are not congested & people can enjoy their personal conversations and enjoy sports on large TVs. The large glass-made windows offer the đô thị view which makes the place worth visiting. The place is famous for dining và I have often noticed many foreign tourists visiting the restaurant. It's a good thing that the authority invites customer feedback and comments on food, service và dining experience & they take prompt actions against customer complaints.I would say, this is a really nice restaurant to lớn go to and enjoy the tasty food & I like it very much.

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Model Answer 3:Thank you very much for this nice topic. I would like to talk about my favourite restaurant and mention where it is, what it looks like, the kinds of food it serves & why it is so special to me.My favourite restaurant is in England! It is actually in the suburbs of the đô thị of Sheffield where I live in. The restaurant is on a busy street very near khổng lồ a large park. It is quite a small và hectic place called Jonty’s because Jonty is the name of the person who phối up the business.From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look very impressive. It has large glass windows at the front & some benches outside for people to sit on if they are waiting lớn go in. There used lớn be a large sign with the name of the restaurant written on it in big letters, but recently they have taken down the sign and not yet replaced it! Inside there are lots of square wooden tables, each with about four chairs around them. The restaurant is on two levels, I prefer khổng lồ go upstairs khổng lồ the first floor because there you can sometimes get a window seat and enjoy watching people as they go past in the street outside.The restaurant serves mainly breakfast and lunch meals. It does really good coffee – I lượt thích their latte’s best – and lots of sandwiches, salads và special soups. The restaurant also has a selection of delicious, gooey homemade cakes. However, when I go, I always have the same thing – scrambled egg on wholemeal toast with mushrooms, because that is what I like best!The restaurant is very special to lớn me & my friends because we meet there every Saturday. On Saturday’s about 500 people go lớn the local park for 9.00 in the morning to take part in a 5 km run. Afterwards, I lượt thích to go to breakfast at Jonty’s with three of my best friends. We feel we deserve a big breakfast after our run, and we enjoy catching up with each other’s news over a leisurely meal together.So if ever you are in Sheffield, I hope you will find Jonty’s & enjoy it as much as I do.< Written by - Lucy Marris (UK) >Sample Answer 4: 'Dine Excellence' is the largest restaurant in our city & this is my favourite eatery in my area. This place offers a great dining experience and the view, both inside & outside, is spectacular. This is a beautiful restaurant with a great price and a clean environment. I often go there to enjoy my meal with my wife & on some occasions, with my friends.It is a four-storied restaurant and the 2nd floor is reserved for parties & special events. The playground for children is large enough and a good number of toys are placed there for children lớn have fun. The roof-top is my personal favourite as it gives a very clear view of the surrounding nature & the clear xanh sky. If it is not raining, I like to enjoy my dinner at the roof-top. The interior decoration of the restaurant is something that makes it stand out from the crowd. The soft music, delicious dishes & well-mannered and prompt staffs make it a worth visiting place for food lovers.The variety of dishes this restaurant offers is another great thing about it. Someone will find almost any local or famous foreign thực đơn there và the master cooks make the food tasty & worth enjoying. Interestingly, the price of the food in this restaurant is comparatively cheaper và that's the main reason I love this restaurant so much - it is indeed pocket-friendly. Many other restaurants in my đô thị offer delightful dishes & good services, but most of them are expensive.The weekly music concert and discount for regular customers are two other reasons I prefer it more than other restaurants. I was very surprised lớn get as high as 30-35% discount on a few occasions & they told me that this was their way of rewarding loyal customers. I would recommend anyone in this city to enjoy the delicious thực đơn this restaurant offers and I am sure most of them would love the experience.

Tips for answering this Cue thẻ Topic:

You should talk about a restaurant that you know well. Vì not pick a renowned restaurant that you know very little about. You are không lấy phí to describe the interior design, service, external environment, dishes that are served in the restaurant the way you like. It does not have khổng lồ be an exact match with the restaurant you actually go lớn a lot. You should add some of your memorable events of this restaurant. Some of the common features that people like about a restaurant are:1. Delicious dishes.2. Reasonable prices.3. Easy to go there from home.4. Quiet và nice environment.5. Attractive decoration and view.6. Playground for kids.7. Xuất hiện space.8. Privacy.9. Service and behaviour of the staffs.10. Special treats for the regular customer.11. A variety of dishes.12. Past memory related khổng lồ the restaurant.13. Recommendations from friends and family members.14. Discounts, etc.In your answer, you can use some of the above-mentioned points và expand them lớn make it sound realistic.

Necessary vocabulary for this cue card:

The appetiser, beverage, bill, cheque, buffet, complimentary, delicious, dessert, fine dining, homemade, patio, reservation, self-serve, side dish, waiter, waitress, mix menu, cutlery, napkin, starter, main course, tip.

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If you prepare for this cue card topic you should be able to answer the following cue cards as well:1. Talk about a place you often go to. (You can say that you often go khổng lồ this restaurant)2. Describe a place you would recommend to your friends to visit.3. Describe a các buổi tiệc nhỏ centre you went recently.4. Describe a restaurant you recently visited.5. Talk about a place where you often meet your friends.6. Describe a restaurant that you enjoyed going to.